A celebration of life stories within the Craven Community to take place in July 2017, thanks to a grant from the Big Lottery Fund


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After successfully applying to the Big Lottery Fund’s Celebrate programme Craven DEC has been awarded £8,550, which will be used to host a one-day event on Tuesday 11 July 2017 at four locations in Skipton.


On the day all corners of the community are invited to come together to celebrate the life of Craven and the diversity we have within it. People of different ages and backgrounds will be invited to be a ‘living book’ on loan to listeners. The emphasis of the stories will be growing up, so that children and young people in particular who attend the event can compare and contrast what they hear with their own lives. We intend to record the stories to form a permanent record which is hoped will provide a valuable resource. There will be food available from around the world, celebrating the origins of our present diverse community. Music, drama and dance will also celebrate the cultural depth and flavour of the Craven community with an event in the Town Hall during the evening.


Liz Roodhouse, Coordinator of Craven DEC, said "I am very excited about this and although planning is still in initial stages I am sure that it will be a fun day with something for everyone. I worked with Peter Cunningham, Craven’s Community Cohesion Officer, to draft the successful grant application to the Big Lottery Fund and he will be a member of the steering group. Local groups and organisations of all shapes and sizes could apply for funding, to hold events or activities that would bring people together and celebrate what makes their local community special. We hope to bring our community together to celebrate the contributions individuals have made, develop intergenerational cooperation and to promote community understanding and appreciation".


If you’d like to get involved with the Celebrate event please contact: liz@cravendec.org.uk


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